Today, I am the featured author over at Here Be Magic, the group blog for Carina Press fantasy and paranormal authors. I wrote about legends, both flawed and … well, legendary. Here’s the link.

Later this week, my guest will be the debut author of a novel that is attracting reviews at places like The New York Times. It’s a different sort of novel for this blog, but I hope you enjoy it.


And now, I think a bit of an explanation is in order, because this blog has been mostly guests these days. I have suffered a upper back injury that has made it difficult to type. The frustrating thing is I don’t even know how I hurt it. The only thing I can blame is time at the computer in postures that probably are not good for my back. Progress on my fiction is now measured in nightly hundreds of words rather than thousands. The fact that my day job requires me to sit at a computer chair has not helped matters.

You know how it is–you think it’s a temporary neck ache, that things will be fine in a few days, and then weeks pass with no change. I will probably have to visit a doctor to rule out major problems.

Anyone have any tips? I’ve been thinking of getting Dragon Naturally Speaking, but I don’t know if such software will work well for writing fiction. I think what it comes down to is supporting my elbows while I write. I’m going to have to think of ways to make my work area more ergonomic.