Get Thee a Niche

The above title line is a fanciful way of telling people my favorite piece of blogging advice. Ever since I shut down Debuts & Reviews, I have been lost and directionless. You could probably tell. I need to take my own advice. I need something to focus on, or a niche. My niche should not alienate my old readers (those of you who are left–kisses!), nor should it turn off my new ones. And it sure fit the brand that I am building here.

Therefore, over the next month or so, I will be transitioning to a legend-centric blog. I will focus on retold legends, fairy tales, epic fantasies and alternate histories, both fantastical and otherwise. I don’t expect to do a lot of reviews, but I won’t rule them out either. I still will not take review copies–I simply cannot accept the commitment that goes with them at this time. I will mostly focus on stories for adults, with the occasional older YA novel. I expect to post 3 times a week, with one guest a week.

I’m still looking for a name. I thought about using something with “legends” in it, because that leaves room for lots of stuff, and doesn’t focus in too sharply on something like fairy tales that would result in repetitive content. I came across the word “fabulist” and I thought it was cool, but I can’t think of any way to use it that doesn’t sound arrogant. Suggestions welcome.

Sorry for this bit of a blog identity crisis, and thanks for staying with me!

10 Thoughts to “Get Thee a Niche”

  1. As clever and amusing as some blog titles are, you might opt to just stick with your name. It’s easier for search engines to find you and it brings everything back to *you*–which is the most important part of your brand. 🙂

    1. Good point. I just find “me” difficult to focus on! Not that I’m going to throw out your advice, for it is good advice, but I just don’t know what to blog about anymore.

      Maybe a subtitle will work well here.

  2. Chicory

    Retold legends! Yay! Sorry, I have no advice about blog names. Titles aren’t my strong suit, and that’s what a blog name is, more or less, isn’t it?

  3. I agree with Maria. Have the blog title your name then if you want, create a tag line to go underneath. I change blog titles to the author’s name in my reader and bookmarks :shrug:

  4. *nod* I agree with those who say to use your name, and have a tagline to go under it. Besides, in another five years you might have a burning passion to blog about UFOs or Nessie sightings or Ming dynasty bowls or something else entirely. 😀

  5. Wise post, Tia (and great advice, Maria). I understand the restless search for a niche, but in my case, have simply abandoned hope of settling on one topic and let my blog exist as a sort of magpie’s nest of things that interest me. The justification? It’s interesting to see the thoughts and info that muddle around a writer’s brain and somehow create stories. At least, I think it’s interesting.

  6. Tia Nevitt

    Thanks, everyone. Rabia–that was my idea when I set up my blog on this site. That’s why its simply in the “weblog” folder.

    Jenny, I’ve always done better with some sort of focus. If I write about everything, then I think of nothing at all to say!

  7. {rueful smile} I recognize that problem of writing about everything, and having nothing to say. I deal with it a lot, including right now. {smile}

    I’m with the others; I like keeping your name as the title, and adding a subtitle or tagline. That seems so luch easier than having to change your main title if you want to talk about something else. {Smile}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

  8. P.S. I’m intersted i retold legends and fairytales. I’d like ot see what you find in this new direction. {SMILE}


  9. The “get thee a niche” advice is what I always give people who express an interest in starting a blog. For most blogs, it really helps to have a focus, and then of course you attract people who share that interest, so you get a built-in audience too.

    For some writer blogs, though, the focus might be the writer himself/herself. But focusing on oneself won’t work for everyone.

    Now I’m really trying to come up with a catchy tagline for you that includes the word “fabulist,” but so far I’ve failed. 🙁

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