Can you guys help me? I’m collecting memories.

As I work on my works-in-progress, in the back of my mind is a time travel historical I have started. It basically takes place all throughout the 20th century. Pick a decade. Yup, I have a scene that takes place in that decade.

So what I’m doing is collecting memories. My own grandmother grew up in the 20s, and told me all sort of cool things. Much of it has made it into my story just as little snippets here and there. My dad also has helped with is recollections from the 40s and beyond.

Specifically, I’m looking for road trip memories. What do you remember from road trips in the past that are simply gone today? Part of the reason I like driving up and down US-1 is there are so many old buildings that trigger all these old memories. But my memories only go back as far as the early 70s. Do you have any that go back even further? They don’t have to be your memories; you can get your parents talking about the good old days, and give me a few snippets.

To get you going, here’s a snippet from that time travel story that uses my memories of old hotel rooms:

Adele opened the door and looked around in delight. “Look at that TV! And the phone! Oh, my gosh! Where’s the remote?”

Mike smiled as he kicked the door closed. He noticed with a frown that there was no deadbolt. “Del–they didn’t have remotes back then.”

She peered at the TV. “How do you turn it on?”

He looked at it. No power button. Nothing looked obvious. “I’m not sure.”

“There’s labels on the dials–here’s the volume knob. Oops–here we are!”

The image grew from a dot in the middle. A middle-aged man was reading the news into a microphone with the assistance of some handheld notes.

“Hey, that’s Walter Cronkite,” Mike said.

“Cool! Who’s president, now?”

“Ford, I think–or maybe Nixon.”

“Think they have any discos, now?”

“Del–even if they did, they probably wouldn’t in this small town.”

Adele stood up and looked around some more. “Whatโ€™s that thing attached to the bed?”

Mike stared at the unfamiliar device. “Is that a coin slot?”

Adele peered at the writing. “Magic Fingers. Sounds indecent. Give me a quarter.”

Mike fished a quarter out of his pocket. Adele put it in the slot. The bed immediately began to vibrate.

“Oh my God,” Adele said. “It is indecent.” She lay down on it.

“Great. Just what I need. To be stuck in a motel room with my sister while she’s feeling indecent.”

I’m not sure if it would have cost a dime or a quarter, but I think I remember it costing a quarter. I got the news description by watching old video clips of Walter Cronkite. As I read this, I realized that I need to describe the phone and other stuff.

Did I trigger any memories for you?