When I put up my post announcing that I won’t be an exclusive book blogger anymore, I said that future book reviews would probably have more of a writerly slant, with what I learned from the book. A number of you wrote to say how much you liked the idea. Well, those comments inspired a series! Announcing the:

What I learned from …


These posts won’t be book reviews in the ordinary sense. They will be a writerly analysis of the book. For that reason, I will probably be writing about books I’ve reviewed before, especially if they stand out in mind as being the bookonificaiton (my lame attempt at a play on personification) of the skill I have in mind.

I will tag these posts with “Things Learned”. Unless I come up with a better tag.

And the first book I will write about in this series–wish I had time to write the post now–is HARRY POTTER!

What can a writer learn from Harry Potter? Many things. And from Ms. Rowling I learned a very crucial skill, and I still don’t do it as well as she does. What can that skill be? Stay tuned …