Bored with my Hiatus

I got bored, so here I am. I meant to be Christmas decorating by now, but the artificial tree we’ve been using since, oh about 2003, gave up the ghost today, so I have no tree to decorate. How does a tree give up the ghost? By refusing to light. We put it out on the curb for tomorrow’s trash, but some dependable rednecks came along and took it away for us. Merry Christmas, guys! Maybe you can get the blasted thing to light.

So tomorrow we’ll get another tree, and this time we will get one WITHOUT lights. Once, long ago, I had this set of colorful twinkle lights that were 150 feet long. I would wind them all the way up the tree, back down again, and then back up. It was the only set of lights that I needed. When I was finished, that tree didn’t blink, it shimmered. When we first got the pre-lit tree, I was very disappointed to see that it sort of winked on and off in random chunks throughout the tree. Very drab compared to my beautiful shimmer-tree of old.

So I will be looking for an artificial tree about 7 feet tall (or taller) and another set of colorful twinkle lights. And we’re going to go out to get it at about 7:30 tomorrow morning. Earlier if we decide to eat breakfast out!

How was your Thanksgiving? Because I had to work today (outta time off, unfortunately), we stayed home and had a cozy little Thanksgiving with just the three of us. I cooked for three hours, making a low-fat meal for my husband, who needs to lower his triglycerides. The only thing with fatty stuff in it were my candied carrots, because I went ahead and used real butter. I figured my husband wouldn’t have a huge serving, and he didn’t. I also made lowfat brownies by substituting egg whites for whole eggs and applesauce for half the butter. They were delicious, but next time I’m going to use more cocoa powder. The first time I bake something, I usually go strictly by the recipe, but the second time, I start experimenting.

While I was “away” this week, I revamped my Facebook author page, making a welcome (or landing) page for first-time visitors. You can see it here. If you’ve never seen my Facebook page, that would be the first page you would see. One of the differences between a page and a profile is that visitors do not have to be logged into an account to see everything on the page. They can’t interact with it, but they can at least see everything. What do you think of the profile image? I was inspired by what Inez Kelley did on her own Facebook page.

Not much else going on, other than writing, writing, writing. What’s up with you?

2 Thoughts to “Bored with my Hiatus”

  1. That a nice page on Facebook. {Smile}

    Thanksgiving was delightfully quiet around here. The most exciting thing was watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV. Dad had cooked ahead as much as possible, so he could watch the Parade with Mom and me this year. {SMILE}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

  2. Chicory

    Wow, Christmas decorating already? You’re way ahead in the game. I usually put it off until the week before Christmas (sometimes the day before) then leave everything up until Easter. (I’m not a very fast un-decorator.)

    Thanksgiving was lovely. We had an evening meal instead of a mid-day dinner, which I think was easier on the stomach. I didn’t have to cook the turkey, which is always a plus.

    Best wishes. 🙂

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