I’ll be taking advantage of the low traffic I’ll have over the week of Thanksgiving for a blogging break. While I’m on break, I’ll be re-evaluating what I want to do with this blog. I expect to be making changes for the new year, but I have not yet decided what those changes will be. I do know that what I’m trying to do here is no longer working, and I’d rather not run a substandard blog. So yes, the changes I am contemplating are not minor. As in, yanno, major changes.

And no, I don’t expect to stop blogging altogether.

In the meantime, throughout December, I’ll continue to be closed to review copies, but open to guests and announcements. Kinda like it’s been since August.

By next week, I expect I’ll be finished with Prospero Lost, so I’ll have that review for you. I have also scheduled a Writer Wednesday with Leanna Renee Heiber for that week! Plus, I’ve written a post about an alarming experience I had lately and I’m contemplating whether I should post it. I’ll probably rewrite it before I do so. You know how it is.

I’ll still be on Twitter and I’ll put little writing updates on myFacebook author page, so you can always catch me there! See ya next Monday!