Happy Veterans Day! Plus Stuff

I am a Cold War veteran, having served under Reagan. Ours was the era of the threat of Soviet espionage. It was pretty peaceful during my term of service–in fact, I don’t qualify for the American Legion, because there were no fighting battles during my term. I entered just after Granada and my inactive reserve ended just before Desert Shield (Remember that? Before Desert Storm?).

Anyway, this day is also called Armistice Day and Remembrance Day, and it’s observed in many countries. Shake the hand of a veteran today. Many of us will be wearing flag pins or at the very least, patriotic colors. So Happy Veterans Day!


I’ve been a bit over-committed lately, which is why there isn’t a lot of original content appearing here. I’ve been judging a writing contest (a lot of work!) plus I’ve been doing guest posts and having guests. The result is I am over-scheduled. My deadline for the contest judging is the 15th, but hopefully I’ll be finished with this last entry a few days before then.


Leanna Renee Hieber is going to be my guest for a Writer Wednesday!!! I happened to mention on Twitter (another reason to love Twitter) that I was prepping a Writer Wednesday post, and she sent me a private message, expressing interest! So now we are just figuring out a day and a subject! Is there anything in particular you’d like Linnea to cover?

An aside–doesn’t she look like Buttercup from The Princess Bride? Seriously!


Today, an interview Lexie did with me will appear at Poisoned Rationality. Stop by and chat–another copy of The Sevenfold Spell is up for grabs!

10 Thoughts to “Happy Veterans Day! Plus Stuff”

  1. Happy Veteran’s Day, Tia. Thank you for serving.

  2. Tia

    Dang! I spelled Leanna’s name wrong that second time and I can’t fix it till I get home.

    Thanks Maria!

  3. Hi Tia πŸ™‚
    Thank you for your service.
    I’m looking forward to Leanna’s appearance here. I really enjoy her Strangely Beautiful series. Have you read her DARK NEST? It’s good!
    Love & Best Wishes to you & yours,

  4. Deborah Blake

    Happy Veteran’s Day! And many thanks for your service.

    and dang it–no one should be able to write that well AND look so good. *pouts*

    1. Tia Nevitt

      I am totally jealous of anyone who can have long hair–including you. I tried it once. It was a frizzy, split-ended mess. Now it is happily short.

  5. Alissa Davis

    Oh, my Leanna! I remember when she’d show up at the office with boxes of donuts and a big smile for all of us–sure way to win any publishing professional’s heart.

  6. Happy Veteran’s Day, Tia. You earned it! {WARM SMILE, HUGS}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

  7. I might actually be online this Writer Wednesday. That would be super nice.

  8. Chicory

    I’m a day late for saying it, but I hope you had a good Veteran’s day. πŸ™‚ A lot of my family are COs (Mennonite background) but we are aware that we wouldn’t be around to BE COs if not for people like you who are willing to join the service. So thank you.

  9. Tia Nevitt

    Thank you, everyone. Katie, we haven’t actually scheduled it yet–I’ve been slammed.

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