Back to Researching Debuts!

I just spent a happy Sunday hour, digging through publisher catalogs for debuts. It’s been a while since I’ve done this, and I have missed it. It’s actually fun. So that post will be in its usual Tuesday position this week. I have forgiven myself for the missed debuts of August and September–I hate doing that, but I MUST permit life to intrude from time to time without beating myself up over it.

I’ve also been very very busy trying to finish up my Cinderella retelling. I got a gentle kick in the pants from my editor this week, and it was exactly what my muse needed. After all, my muse is supposed to be a drill sergeant, and he just got his ass kicked from a sweet little stay-at-home mommy editor.

Maybe I need a new muse.

Anyway, I shot past 25,000 words this weekend, and I really think it will end up being about 30,000 words. So everyone who asked for something longer in their reviews of TSS will get what they asked for. Just think of me as a sort of a fairy godmother, wielding my pen instead of my wand. Hmm…that could be my avatar…maybe I ought to run the idea by my cover artist.


Oh! Big news! The Sevenfold Spell is an audiobook! Click on over to Audible and give it a test listen. The narrator is great–with a British accent, just as I wished for! Her accent is a tad too proper–a common sort of British accent would have been more in-character, just as the cover model should have been horse-faced and bewarted.

But I don’t think that would have sold books half as well.


I’ve been sampling some books – Kimber An‘s Sugar Rush and Anthony Huso‘s The Last Page. I also finished a non-debut author’s hilarious spy novel, No One Lives Twice, by Julie Moffett. It was great fun–just the sort of diversion I wanted.


I don’t have any guests this week, but I will be a guest at two blogs–Shelley Munro and Deborah Blake. Now I just need to write those posts and get them sent off, preferably today so I don’t slam my poor hosts at the last minute.

So I’d better get busy!

4 Thoughts to “Back to Researching Debuts!”

  1. Yeah, hurry up and finish that Cinderella retelling! I want to read it.

    1. Tia Nevitt

      Ok! I’m squeezing it in between all the guest posts and interviews! It’s nice to be loved!

  2. Chicory

    Real life is definitely allowed to intrude when it involves a Cinderella retelling. Glad your editor was able to give your muse a good kick in the drawers to get her moving. 🙂

  3. Well your editor must love you if they’re giving you a kicking. The only thing worse than being kicked by your editor is not to be kicked by your editor as Oscar Wilde might have said.

    Interesting to read about your experience with the audio book. Something to think about.

    Good luck rooting out those debuts 🙂


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