Congratulations, Kimber An – Plus a Cyber-Launch Book Party!

Kimber An’s Sugar Rush came out this week through Decadent Publishing (Decadent, Amazon) and she’s celebrating by giving one of her famous Cyber-Launch Book Parties for herself! I’ll be there in the guise of one of my characters from The Sevenfold Spell, although I can’t decide if I want to be Talia, Widow Harla or Prince Andrew.

To celebrate Kimber’s release, here is

A Story of a Cyber Friendship

SugarRushKimber and I would have a difficult time living further apart while still residing in the same country. She lives in Alaska, I live in Florida. Once many years ago, before she knew I existed, I haunted her blog as the Silent Reader. (Yes, Silent Readers, I know you are out there, because once, I was you. I never commented on blogs before I took up blogging for myself.)

Anyway, prompted by the lovely author Linnea Sinclair, I got in touch with Kimber and we added each other to our blogrolls. I liked reading her stuff because of her zany frankness. She liked reading my stuff because of … who knows? In any case, the friendship persisted. Three years passed. We commented frequently on each other’s blogs. We each wrote books, queried them, and got rejections along with those occasional diamonds in the dust–the requests for partials and full.

I moved blogs, she moved blogs, we adjusted our blogrolls and feed readers. Months of silence would pass between us, followed by flurries of emails.

And then finally, it was The Summers of the Calls. Mine by Carina Press, hers by Decadent Publishing. Kimber, ever gracious beneath her snarky exterior, was among the first to publicly congratulate me.

And so here we are, newly published, and wondering how the heck it happened so fast.


So where is this Cyber-Launch Book Party? It starts at Enduring Romance at 10:00 ET (which is 6:00 AM Alaska time). Look for Widow Harla (I decided on her) to pop in throughout the day with some of her famous beer.

2 Thoughts to “Congratulations, Kimber An – Plus a Cyber-Launch Book Party!”

  1. Thank you, Tia! The journey through Queryland is treachorous. It’s important to have cheerleaders to keep you going. Never would’ve made it without you.

    The party has begun, by the way!

  2. That does look like a fun party. I’m half-sorry I missed it real-time. I don’t know the crowd well enough to de-lurk, but still. {Smile}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

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