Gearing Up Publicity ..

… Because I’ve realized that when you don’t do it, things stall. Last night I wrote an interview and a guest post, which I still need to finish, and then I had no time to write a post for here. I’m still waiting for that 25th hour in the day. It’s only one more hour. Is that really too much to ask?

Got a lovely review from this reviewer who plastered it everywhere and made herself my fan at GoodReads and joined my Google FriendsConnect list. She totally got what I was trying to do with Talia’s promiscuity. Here it is. Thanks, Lexie!

Also, Lisa Shearin gave me a surprise shout-out at her blog yesterday. Thank you as well, Lisa!

2 Thoughts to “Gearing Up Publicity ..”

  1. One more hour and another set of arms would be nice.

    Seriously though, I read someone lamenting that an author can no longer be just an author. But, I got to thinking, you know, I’m a mom. I’m used to doing a bunch of different things at once and all the time and not getting paid for it. I think if I only had writing to do, I would get bored.

    Thanks, Lexi. Thanks for being so good to my buddy, Tia. You made all this fun.

  2. Oops! Her name is Lexie! I am reading a book about a girl named Lexi Carmichael (Julie Moffett’s NO ONE LIVES TWICE) and I got confused.

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