Quite by accident, I reverted to version 2.8.something of WordPress and shalzbott!* Look at how fast she runs now! I feel bad at putting off my guest, but I genuinely thought I had a serious problem. Actually, I did have a serious problem. I should never have upgraded my blog. Maybe I’ll wait another version or two, to make sure they have the bugs out before I attempt a re-upgrade.

Tomorrow I am a guest at Angieville! Which is a squee! worthy place to go. In that post, I’ll talk all about the seeds of a story.

Now that I no longer have blog problems (and honestly! What a terrible time for me to be having blog problems!), I will be resuming something close to a normal schedule. I already have a fun post put together on decoding romance book covers–all it needs is images.

I may as well throw in a Amazon Review Drive update–I now have 7 out of my initial 10-review goal. So if you’ve read THE SEVENFOLD SPELL, please, please, please review it! (Ok, I’m groveling, but we’re all friends here.) When I reach 10 reviews, I’ll give some nice prizes to some lucky commenter. Details here.

A few posts ago, I buried a giveaway in the third paragraph, just to see if you were paying attention. A few of you were, so now I will draw a winner … and it is Anne Elizabeth Baldwin, one of my longtime readers and prolific commenters. Anne, I’ll be getting in touch!

* Yes, I am a product of the 70s.