Blog Swap – Writing for Carina Press. Plus Upcoming Stuff

Review Drive progress–3 out of 10 reviews for the first prize pack.

Just a few thoughts before I send you away. I’ve written the last of my guest posts and sent them off, and my blog tour ends on Thursday. After this week, I’ll only sporadically be blogging elsewhere. And this blog will return to its original purpose–reviewing the best of the new debuts out there in fantasy, science fiction, historical, mystery and Christian genres.

Speaking of Christian genres, I downloaded a Harlequin inspirational historical romance, and it’s on my nook now. It’s called Homespun Bride by Jillian Hart, and I remember seeing it in the store a few weeks ago. I’ve had a contemporary Christian romance floating around in my head for quite a while now, and it would make perfect sense for me to try writing for Harlequin’s Christian line. But first, I need to check out what’s out there.

Thursday, I’ll be at Maria Zannini’s blog, discussing why I chose to include sex scenes in The Sevenfold Spell.  Today I’m blogging over at release day buddy Kathy Ivan’s blog, where I talking about what it’s like writing for Carina Press. Please join me there!