Amazon Review Drive Giveaway!

I read somewhere that 20 was the magic number with Amazon reviews. Something about how after 20 reviews you are more likely to appear in the “customers also liked” lists. I can’t find that article anywhere, but I’m still going to go with the goal of 20 Amazon reviews.

How to inspire reviews? Hopefully by good writing. But a giveaway shouldn’t hurt!

I’d feel uncomfortable requiring you to send me evidence of an Amazon review, so I’m just going to have a general comment giveaway where I will give a Fabulous Prize Pack to a random commenter across all posts (I can view them by date) every time I reach a review milestone that is divisible by 10:

  • 10 reviews – Fabulous Prize Pack 1 — done!
  • 20 reviews – Fabulous Prize Pack 2
  • 30 reviews – Fabulous Prize Pack 3

I’ll re-evaluate this contest once I reach 30 reviews, and I’ll put up another post.

One thing to keep in mind:

I’m not asking for all 5-star reviews. I’m just asking for honest reviews. Please don’t be compelled to give The Sevenfold Spell five stars unless you truly thought it was amazing.


Because a book that has only 5 star reviews looks suspicious. It looks like the author rounded up a bunch of friends and got them to write only 5 star reviews. I’d like a healthy mix, so the best way to achieve that is to just ask you to be honest.

How do I enter?

By commenting on a post here at this blog. Any post. As often as you want. All comments go in a big, fat list in my WordPress dashboard. When I’m ready to give away a Fabulous Prize Pack, I’ll take all those comments, wrestle them into an Excel spreadsheet,  and draw a random number. That person will win. I won’t check whether s/he wrote a review or not. NOTE: the more comments you leave, the more chances you have of winning!

How does a contest like that get Tia Amazon reviews?

Because I’m asking for them. Nicely. I’ll also throw reminders the current progress at the bottom of random posts. Also, the more reviews, the more often I reach one of the milestones, the more often I draw a winner, and the better the prizes will be.

The better the prizes, eh? What’s in them thar prize packs?

An ecopy of The Sevenfold Spell, if you don’t already have it. But! That’s not all! Also in that prize pack will be (a) book(s) that you can choose from my stash of unread review copies and ARCs. I have identified them all at this Goodreads shelf for paperbacks and hardcovers, and this one for ARC editions. If I notify you as the winner, you pick the books and I’ll send them off. I’ll also showcase the picked books here to give those authors a little publicity. But that’s not all! I’ll also throw in an Amazon gift certificate, which will go up with each milestone reached. 10 dollars for 10 reviews, 20 dollars for 20 reviews, and 30 dollars for 30 reviews.

To be abundantly clear, here are the 3 prize packs:

For 10 reviews at

  • ecopy of The Sevenfold Spell
  • 1 book from stash,
  • 10 dollar Amazon gift certificate

For 20 reviews at

  • ecopy of The Sevenfold Spell
  • 2 books from stash,
  • 20 dollar Amazon gift certificate

For 30 reviews at

  • ecopy of The Sevenfold Spell
  • 3 books from stash,
  • 30 dollar Amazon gift certificate

The “stash” consists of books from these Goodreads shelves:

Remember–it doesn’t matter how you purchased The Sevenfold Spell — you can review it at Amazon.

All you have to do is have ever bought anything at Amazon. How do you buy The Sevenfold Spell? A multitude of ways:

When does it start?

Right now! Thank you in advance!

6 Thoughts to “Amazon Review Drive Giveaway!”

  1. Fabulous! This means I should be able to download your book today, since I’ve already bought it. ^_^

  2. Tia Nevitt

    Awesome–thank you!

  3. Joe57

    Interesting contest, I didn’t realize Amazon worked this way. I have never read an e-book yet, this could be my first one. Good luck with the reviews, from the way you talk about your story, I am sure they all will be great.

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  5. Sue R

    Awesome contest. I heard about your book after reading your post at the book smugglers. I am going to check it out at amazon right now.

  6. Tia Nevitt

    Cool! Thanks!

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