Fun Post Before I Send You Away

The awesome and hilarious Carolyn Crane inspired this post with her recent post, Why aren’t men like Jamie Fraser? In it, she writes about that question, which came up in her Google referrals. For fun, I looked up mine and sure enough, I found some blog-worthy questions. But alas, they weren’t as fun as asking why men can’t be like Jamie Fraser.

So I am blatantly stealing her idea. Here are mine:

why are stepsisters usually strange?

I don’t know. I’ve never had one. But of all the girls in my own family, I’d have to say I’m the strangest one. It’s my own fault.

what’s up with tia and tiny?

I don’t know, because I am not tiny, and I’m not sure if this question even referred to me. However, I am using to make short links to the Buy page over at Carina Press for The Sevenfold Spell. So maybe someone got curious as to why.

what is impossible to do but seems possible

Most everything that goes on in a fantasy novel. But it only seems possible while you’re reading it, and only if the author did a good job suspending your disbelief.

What is the ending to angelology?

I found a surprising number of questions like this. Someone else wanted to know the ending to Insatiable, along with other books recently reviewed here. Why? Read the book; it is funner. And no. I’m not going to tell you the ending.

Literature survey about shakable flashlight

I have no idea about this one. I suppose my iPod touch could be a shakable flashlight, if I were to load a flashlight app. But I’m not sure why I’d even want one. It seems to me that I’d want a shake-proof flashlight. The ones I used in the Air Force were fairly shakable, and could withstand a dropping from a cockpit ten feet up.

is danielle trussoni a christian author

I can’t speak to whether she’s a Christian or not, but I suspect she is. However, I could not classify Angelology as a Christian novel. The point of Christian novels tend to be salvation, and Angelology was not about salvation. It was simply a fine story that uses elements from the Old Testament and other texts. And in my opinion, I think she did so respectfully.

does the nook always have the screensaver on?

The thing with e-ink is once the screen is drawn, it doesn’t use any power to keep it that way. It’s like a giant etch-a-sketch. Once the ink is set, it stays that way until an electric current redraws it. It’s a fascinating bit of technology, and you can read more about it at How Stuff Works.

difference between kitten heels and princess heels

I don’t know what either types of heels are, so I have no idea. Yeah, I know. The author of a fairy tale retelling ought to at least know what a princess heel is, but until tonight, I had no idea they existed.

can i buy an ebook for a friend

Sadly, no. I think you can do it in the Apple iBooks store, but everywhere else the closest you can do to legally giving an ebook as a gift (unless you are the author) is to give a gift certificate. I suspect the legalities of this will have to be worked out in the very near future.

That was fun. It made me feel like an advice columnist. For some more fun, head over to Bookin’ It, where I stop talking about myself and I discuss fairy tales, and the immense plot holes that can be found within them, and how I tried to fill them. There’s also the next excerpt and another giveaway. Don’t be shy; go forth and comment. I’m not gone, just temporarily relocated.