My Pajama Party Blog Tour

My Pajama Party Blog Tour starts today! Why a pajama party? Because I will only be available for commenting after business hours, and I thought I’d make the most of it. I hereby swear that I will be wearing a pair of pajamas when I comment. I will not, however, post pictures of myself in said pajamas.

For my first stop, I’ll be heading to Jenny Schwartz’s Acquiring Magic blog, where I wax nostalgic on my early writing life. For an added bonus, there is a brief excerpt from The Sevenfold Spell, plus a giveaway. Did I say a giveaway? Yes, it’s my very first author giveaway!

So go on and head over to the first post. Which is up early! See ya there!

2 Thoughts to “My Pajama Party Blog Tour”

  1. Quick, quick, quick. Run, run, run! Here in Australia it’s already Monday! I’m on my second cup of coffee!! Tia, your post made a great start to my day. Thanks for visiting. And I can’t wait to see which lucky person wins a copy of The Sevenfold Spell.

    1. Tia Nevitt

      Woops! No harm done! The more the merrier!

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