This week begins my blog tour, but Katie will be picking up the slack with two reviews, and I have a guest post scheduled for Thursday. Plus, I’ll leave little posts indicating where you might find my blog tour posts. There will be giveaways!

I made some subtle changes around here. I have a new Buzz page, which I’ll keep current with reviews, and a page that shows you where you can download various ereaders for you computer or phone. I also cleaned up the widgets on this page, and I must say it loads much faster. I loved the boxes of faces, but they made this page load way too slow. The Google FriendConnect widget seems pretty speedy, so it remained.

I have been toying with the idea of adding stars to my reviews. I have discovered their worth from an author’s standpoint, but this is a blog for readers, not authors, so I’m still undecided. Here’s my tentative system, which starts out fairly standard:

***** Excellent

**** Very good

*** Good

** Fair

* At least I finished it.

I will not mention books I did not finish, since in such cases I don’t think I’d be a good reviewer.

Additionally, I’d have an optional rating, “Keeper,” which I would apply to any book that I love enough to keep. There are many books where I would give it a high number of stars to acknowledge the excellence of the writing, but really was not for me. This system allows me to give 4 or 5 stars to such books. I can also think of other novels that maybe were not so masterfully executed, but which I loved anyway. This way, I could give such books 3 or so stars, but label it a keeper.

What do you think? Stars or no stars? Indicate your choice below!