Guest Post – Paranormal Author Janni Nell

Today’s guest is Janni Nell, author of … well, I’ll let her tell you. For today’s post, she has a fairy tale for you.


Hi Tia, it’s lovely to be here.

I love fairy tales. Doesn’t matter whether it’s the Grimm version (and some of them were pretty grim) or the Disney version. In fact I was working on a manuscript inspired by fairy tales when I was accepted by Carina Press (for another manuscript). My fairy tale book is still waiting to be completed. Hopefully I’ll get back to it one day. Anyway I got to thinking that my journey to publication was a bit like a fairy tale. Let’s say Cinderella — renamed Manuscript in this version of the tale.


Poor little Manuscript had long been the unloved stepchild. She did all she could to impress her nasty stepsisters. She studied plot and characterization, grammar and spelling, but all she ever got in return were rejections. When the stepsisters were invited to the Publishers Ball, little Manuscript longed to go too. But alas her stepsisters said an unpublished manuscript couldn’t attend and they locked her in the bottom drawer.

Manuscript was crying a few papery tears when the bottom drawer magically popped open. It was Fairy Godmother Number One aka the acquisitions editor. “You shall go to the Publishers Ball,” she announced. Manuscript hopped out of the bottom drawer, and into the beautiful cover provided by Fairy Godmother Number Two aka the cover artist. Manuscript couldn’t believe how good she looked in the beautiful blue and red cover.

When she arrived at the ball her title was announced. The Handsome Prince (aka Carina Press) stopped dancing and looked at her with loving eyes. Manuscript couldn’t believe her ears when she was told she was beautiful and offered a contract. But alas the clock struck twelve. As Manuscript rushed away from the ball her cover slipped off. The Prince found it on the stairs outside the palace.

Taking the cover with him, he searched his kingdom for the little manuscript that had stolen his heart. Other manuscripts tried to fit the cover, cutting out favorite scenes or adding a few thousand words but none exactly fit the cover.

When the prince arrived at Manuscript’s home, her stepsisters tried to keep her out of sight but the prince insisted she try on the cover. Of course it fit. Little Manuscript signed a contract with the prince (aka Carina Press) and lived happily ever after.


Okay I’ve used a bit of poetic license. Obviously the cover was created after the contract was signed. But hey I needed something for Manuscript to leave on the steps of the palace. Oh and I haven’t told you the name of the manuscript that was accepted.

Allegra Fairweather: Paranormal Investigator – published by Carina Press, June 2010.

It’s been great joining Tia on the blog today. Thanks for having me!


Personally, I adore Janni’s cover and Allegra Fairweather was one of the first books I bought for my nook (although I’ve had precious little time to read most of them). Congratulations, Janni, on your happily ever after!

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  2. Hi Tia
    I love my cover too! And I love yours! Mine was created by the amazing Frauke of CrocoDesigns. Did she do yours?

    1. Tia Nevitt

      Yes, she did mine as well. I’ve been tempted to hire her as a website artist, but maybe for the next book.

  3. Having her do a website would be awesome.

  4. Chicory

    Congratulations Janni (a day late. Sorry.) Loved your fairy-tale. Poor little manuscript, locked in a drawer. Glad Carnia Press found her at last. 🙂

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