Fun Meeting with Superwench- IRL!

Yesterday evening, I met our own Superwench–aka Katie Lovett–in person as she passed through town on her way to the RWA convention. I kept her kids up entirely too late as we chatted about such things as our favorite books, our favorite author bloggers (Jim Hines and Lisa Shearin), publishing in general, and just about everything except book reviewing. We reminisced about “meeting” on Rachel Vater’s blog, where we both participated in the same hook contest. (I’d point you to the post, but unfortunately her blog has not been active and LiveJournal suspended it.)

I gave Katie a ton of my business cards for her to pass out at RWA. If you see her, ask her for one!

Speaking of printing, I’m trying to decide whether to have bookmarks or postcards printed. I’m not printing very many–just 250 or so. I’ll give a hundred to my mom and pass out the rest. I’m leaning toward bookmarks because they’re bookish and they might be used indefinitely, thus reminding the reader every once in a while to check my site and see what else I’ve come up with. What do you think? Also, if you want me to send you some, please let me know.

4 Thoughts to “Fun Meeting with Superwench- IRL!”

  1. I posted on the bookmark question on twitter, but I think bookmarks are the best way to go. They are bookish. I LOVE getting bookmarks from authors. I keep them around, use them in my books and all that. They are like consta-advertising.

    And as for your book discussion with Katie Lovett, I love discussions like that! I’m jealous! They seem to happen far too rarely.

  2. Chicory

    That’s so awesome that you got to spend time with Katie Lovett. I’m jealous too. 🙂 As for bookmarks vs postcards, I often use postcards as bookmarks, so I guess for me it’s a tie.

  3. Getting to put a face and a voice with a name I’ve known so long was really cool. We had an awesome talk. It was great fun!

    I feel so special that anyone would be jealous of someone for meeting me! *blush* I have to confess that practically the whole conference “met” me this morning. You know, you usually think it’s a good thing for people to hear and remember your name at a conference…unless the reason they hear your name is because you lost your name tag and the RWA president announces, “Katie Lovett, you lost your name tag” at the annual meeting. Sigh. I’m forever losing something.

    The conference is great so far. I wish I could meet all the wonderful people I’ve come to know on this blog! Maybe someday…

  4. Chicory

    (grin) at least you had a memorable experience. I’m glad you’re having a good time.

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