You probably noticed that my posts have been a bit informal lately and that will likely continue for the next few weeks. I’m trying to finish my second novella for Accidental Enchantments, and I want to be able to submit it by the end of August. And I want it to be good so Carina Press will want it. So my reading is very light these days. And this blog is sort of all about my reading, after all.

However, I will continue to post informally like I have been doing. So I’m not on hiatus or anything. If you’re looking for a new debut, they are always in my sidebar, under Debut Calendar.

I’ve also been kind of busy getting ready for the Harlequin author party, which I am thrilled to be attending next weekend. To that end, I arranged for overnight babysitting, got a hotel room, got a haircut, got a dress, got a tie for my husband (to match my dress, of course) and I guess I’m done with the prep for that. Except I don’t have any kind of evening handbag, and I was DONE with shopping by the time I picked out the dress and tie this afternoon. (I’m not a shopping kind of girl. I’m more of a reading kind of girl.) I will blog all about the party next Sunday.

I’m also working on a new website photo, since the one on my site is about five years old. I tried having my husband take some pictures this morning and while I was reasonably happy with them, I was so squinty-eyed in the bright sunshine that you couldn’t see my eyes. I still have the makeup on (an unusual occurrence for me), so I might get ambitious enough to try again this evening.

So that’s what is coming up this week. Nothing exciting, but hopefully fun, anyway.