Quick Novella Update

Yesterday, I got the final version of my blurb (below), my release date (September 27th), and approval for my series title, Accidental Enchantments! Here’s the blurb (with the cover for the full effect):


Have you ever wondered what happens to the other people in the fairy tale?

Things look grim for Talia and her mother. By royal proclamation, the constables and those annoying “good” fairies have taken away their livelihood by confiscating their spinning wheel. Something to do with a curse on the princess, they said.

Not every young lady has a fairy godmother rushing to her rescue.

Without the promise of an income from spinning, Talia’s prospects for marriage disappear, and she and her mother face destitution. Past caring about breaking an arbitrary and cruel law, rebellious Talia determines to build a new spinning wheel, the only one in the nation, which plays right into the evil fairy’s diabolical plan. Talia discovers that finding a happy ending requires sacrifice. But is it a sacrifice she’s willing to make?


I also got entirely too absorbed with learning just how much I don’t know about design by browsing the website for the cover artist of The Sevenfold Spell, CrocoDesigns. Um, I think I need better software. And a few classes.

And finally, over at Goodreads, enterprising user Enna Isilee (love her name) made a Goodreads entry for The Sevenfold Spell! I didn’t know you could do that! So if you want a little reminder to read it (as if haunting this blog wouldn’t be enough), you could always put it on your Goodreads bookshelf.

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10 Thoughts to “Quick Novella Update”

  1. It sounds so neat. I love watching you go through this process and being able to share in your excitement. Thanks for the updates. 🙂

    1. Tia Nevitt

      I’m glad you said that because I really don’t want to make this blog “all about me”, and I wondered how much was too much.

  2. Chicory

    Accidental Enchantments is such a brilliant name for a series.

    1. Tia Nevitt

      Thank you! That’s the theme in the whole series–people caught up in the magic. Except the Snow White story. I have a most interesting role for the prince.

      1. Okay. Now I’m curious. What are you doing to Prince Charming?!

        1. Tia Nevitt

          Abject torture, of course!

  3. I really like the series title, Accidental Enchantments. May it be long and glorious!

  4. Great series title and I especially like the tag line:
    Have you ever wondered what happens to the other people in the fairy tale?

    Very haunting.

  5. Tia Nevitt

    Thank you, both of you!

  6. I like that blurb. I’d definitely look it over more after that, even if I didn’t know you. {SMILE}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

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