Social Networking and Stuff This Week

I’ve ramped up my social networking efforts and I now have a Facebook Page for Debuts & Reviews:

See that ugly number at the end? That can go away once I have 25 people connected to my page. So I’d be thrilled if I can get 25 people and have a nice, neat Facebook page address. So please just go ahead and click it, and then click that Like button. This window will even stay open, for your convenience. 😉

Of course it will be too late to put the address on my brand-new business cards, but that’s ok. Yes, I now have Debuts & Reviews business cards. Why did I get business cards? Because I kept getting into situations where I wished I had them. Now, whenever I mention my blog, I can reach into my purse and whip out a nice, crisp, glossy, two-sided business card to make an added impression. Because see that Feedburner number up there to the right? that’s been stuck at 350 for entirely too long. Time to move it up a notch.

To that end, I’m lining up more interviews. I have one for you tomorrow–with a giveaway–and I’m working on researching an author for another. Plus I have a review of an awesome novel that I read last month. Had to sit on the review for a while–hate it when I do that to myself!

Oh! Before I forget–I know everyone uses VistaPrint and I’m sure they’re awesome, but I used Next Day Flyers, and they’re awesome too. My deluxe business cards were only 34 dollars for 500 cards–dual-sided, glossy-on-both-sides cards. I recommend them!

Please be sure to check back tomorrow for that interview and giveaway. It will be posted bright and early!