Random Musings. Plus Stuff.

A friend wrote with news of a great milestone as an author, but I can’t say anything yet, because I’m not authorized. Yet. So congratulations, _____!! You know who you are!!

Just finished reading an urban fantasy, of all things (for me). Astute readers will guess which one it is, based on recent posts. I will have a review very shortly. Plus, Deb has a multiple-book review for us, and I have a review that I’ve been sitting on because it was too soon to post it until about now. So next week should be a fuller week than usual. Or, it will be on par with how often I USED to post.

Ok, I saw a tweet about Carolyn Crane winning a science fiction award or getting SOME kind of recognition for MIND GAMES, but I can’t find it despite my significant Googling skills! Can anyone help me? I suppose I should just email the author . . . In any case, Congratulations Carolyn!

For that matter, The Compton Crook Awards were just announced and congratulations to Paolo Bacigalupi (love his name!) for The Windup Girl! I really need to read that book, and I have no excuse, NONE for why I haven’t read it yet, because I do love steampunk.

Wow, these could be tweets!

Went to Borders to check out the Kobo reader, only to find they aren’t yet available to be checked out. I had the date June 17th MEMORIZED and I WAS THERE, but no Kobo. I now have to wait until July 2 and even then, I’d better order it online. I only wanted to touch it first. Is that too much to ask? Just some sort of sample display at the bookstore that I can actually touch, like I can any other electronic device prior to purchase?

Oh! I ordered blog business cards. I kept running into situations where I wished I had them, so I finally plunked down 30 dollars for 500 of them. Ought to be more than enough. I’ll post an image of them when I get them on Thursday.

WordPress 3 has come out, and while I haven’t upgraded yet, I will soon. Among the changes are the ability to have multiple blogs. Therefore, I will probably end up dividing this site into two parts–one part for my author webpage, and another part for this site. This approach will solve several problems I’ve had with this blog since day 1. I’m also hoping I won’t have such a tough time with MailPress, but I do believe part of the problem was my fault. The plug-in DID warn me that I was trying to install a version that had not been tested with my version of WordPress. And I ignored it. So I take the blame.

Happy weekend!

5 Thoughts to “Random Musings. Plus Stuff.”

  1. Is the Kobo much different than the Nook? I just bought a Nook and love it.

    1. Tia Nevitt

      One big difference–the price. The Nook is probably great, but I’m cheap. Especially since my iPod touch was SUPPOSED to be my eBook reader and turned out to be inadequate for the task.

      Welcome to my blog!!!

  2. What are the latest gadget reviews this month ?’.~

  3. Tia Nevitt

    Sorry, I have to buy them, so these reviews are occasional. No free gadgets for me. But fear not! I do plan on getting that ebook reader next payday and when I do, I WILL review it here! thanks for your interest.

  4. i always read gadget reviews from the internet, i want to always be updated with the latest gadgets.”**

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