Full Week Planned!

This week should be pretty full–I have posts planned for almost every day. Deborah has a review and so do I (just finished a fantasy!), plus, we have Writer Wednesday (yay!) and I believe I am expecting one more review. I may even review my laptop. Should be lively.

Now that I taken an extensive fantasy break (I read four mysteries in a row!), I returned to fantasy last week with a novel from Small Beer Press. It was a non-western novel, and I do love to explore other cultures through reading. Also, I’m going to sample some enovels (is that a word yet? If not, can I make it one?) as soon as Carina Press opens one week from now. I think I have already identified a whole bunch that I want to read, but I’m going to start with a novella, because I’ll have to read it on this laptop and I’m not sure how that experience will go. I still want to get a Kobo, but boy have we been wearing out our savings, so that might have to wait another half-month or so.

Hmm. I suppose I could read it on my iPod; that didn’t work out bad last time I tried it. In any case, I’ll keep you informed.

I finally broke out Mary Robinette Kowal’s Shades of Milk and Honey and I read the opening chapters. I may do a Reading and Tweeting on that one, but it doesn’t come out until August, and I don’t want to be too premature.

See ya around!