I read something somewhere that if you take yourself seriously, others will as well. To that end, I’ve decided to create an email newsletter about my writing endeavors. I’ve already written most of the first issue, because May was such an action-packed month for me. The newsletter will have articles that I won’t post elsewhere. To use marketing lingo, the content will be exclusive (wince).

To subscribe, just look to the far right sidebar of this blog, or the far left sidebar of my homepage, fill in the blanks, and push the button. (Note: if you are a reviewer for this blog and are logged in, you will just get a yes/no question.) I don’t use an outside party for my newsletter, so the only one who will get your email address is me. I promise I will not use your email address for any other purpose than sending my newsletter, and I promise I won’t send a newsletter any more often than once a month.

I’ll be posting the first issue during the first week of June. At this time, I have no plan of making back-issues available on the web.

Thank you in advance for subscribing!