Due to changes to our “Social Media” policy at work, I am no longer able to pop in throughout the day and add comments. My site is not specifically blocked, but I’d rather not run afoul of this policy. Before, personal Internet use was permitted “within reason”, a policy that I was careful to not overuse. But apparently, others were not so careful.

Therefore, rather than posting at 6:AM, I will be scheduling all posts to go up at 3:00 PM. This way, I don’t have to watch conversations take place all day long (all comments go to my email, which show up in my phone) without taking part in them.

This affects my next planned Writer Wednesday, and I have emailed the author and offered him the possibility of either confining Writer Wednesday to Wednesday afternoon and evening (I can work an early shift to facilitate this) or make it Writing Weekend instead. What do YOU think?

Also, because of my new work policy, I’ll be blogging more on the weekends. I have more time on the weekends anyway, but historically my web traffic has been low on the weekends and I’ve arranged my posting around the best days. From now on, I’ll be posting without regard to web traffic. It’s funner that way, anyway. Oh, and I’ll simply post whenever I want to. I only use scheduled posting on weekdays.


Since I’m to be an ebook author, it seems only reasonable that I start reading ebooks. Therefore, I have decided to buy the Kobo ebook reader when it becomes available in this country in a few weeks. Once I have the reader, I will start reviewing ebooks from selected publishers in the same genres that I currently read:

  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Mystery
  • Historical
  • Christian
  • Literary

I don’t mind a little spice in my reading, but I am not an appropriate reviewer for erotica. The publishers I select will be ones who make their books from a wide variety of ebooksellers, like Fictionwise, Amazon Kindle and Kobo. I’m not sure if this is a reasonable policy or not, so it will probably morph over time. Let me know if you have any input.