What Book Reviews Meant to the Reader

Superwench wrote a thoughtful post on her blog on what book reviews mean to the reader. She’s been following my blog since the beginning, so I found her point of view interesting. She goes into why negative reviews often inspire others to go out and read the book. I’ve seen this in my own reviews, when someone will leave a comment on one of my ho-hum or rare negative reviews, stating that they want to go out and try it for themselves.

I certainly have been motivated to buy after reading negative reviews as well.

Here is her post.

One Thought to “What Book Reviews Meant to the Reader”

  1. I’ve found a couple of really nice books thru bad reviews. They told me what they felt was wrong about the book, but they also told me about the book. From what was said, I got the impression that I’d like the good points and ignore or even value the “bad points.” I was right too. {Smile}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

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