I have updated my Status page, and am now open once again to review copies. I do still have a backlog, but I have gotten through most of it and I intend to contact some of my volunteer reviewers to ask if they are interested in any of the books that are yet unread.

Big however, though — I’m not interested in books published outside of the large houses, with a few exceptions. To put it brutally, I have read very few novels published by small presses that were up to the quality of a traditionally published novel. The exceptions: Juno Books. Overlook Press. Bell Bridge Books (which I’ve never actually read but have heard good things of). I just agreed to take something from Small Beer Press. I’m sure there are more; I just haven’t worked with any others recently.

I also updated my webform, where you can inform me of a debut. I went back to my old webform, which was much easier to use than Google Docs.

One of Superwench’s reviews will post bright and early tomorrow morning!