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I have been reading a very LONG book called Angelology by Danielle Trussoni. This is my first foray into Dan Brown-style supernatural thrillers. Except, it isn’t really a thriller, because the plot is not driven by fear. Maybe you could call it a supernatural suspense? Anyway, it’s quite gripping and very unusual. It’s based on a literal interpretation of the Bible — especially the events before and after the Flood — but I would not classify it as a Christian novel. Not that it’s anti-Christian, but it just doesn’t seem to fit into the Christian genre. There’s no way I’ll be done any time before Friday, at the soonest.

BUT, I will have stuff for you anyway, because long ago, I read Master of None by Sonya Bateman, and I finally get to review it. PLUS we have done my first-ever Conversational Interview, and I’ll be posting that too.


Do you guys have any opinions on reading prayers? I was reading another novel — nameless for now — and I was starting to have problems with the plot when the character started preparing to pray. Generally speaking, I think it’s hard to do prayer well. Probably the best author I’ve read who managed it was T. H. White in The Once and Future King. Holly Lisle tackled it with Hawkspar and I found it difficult. Lest you think I have anything against invented mythologies, I’ll add that I was ok with some of the prayers in Dragonlance (not all — mostly Sturm’s. Goldmoon’s were ack-worthy). I found the prayers in The Deed of Paksenarrion awkward as well. The prayers in the popular movie Facing the Giants were a mixed bag — some good (the wife’s) some meh (the husband’s). In Would-be Witch, the prayers were hilarious.

In general, I think it’s hard for an author to pull off a really good prayer.

I doubt I’ve sent this novel aside forever, and besides, I really need to finish Angelology. But what do you think? What are the best and worst examples of prayers in some of the books and movies you’ve read and watched.