First, I’d like to offer a rather delayed congratulations to Deborah Blake, frequent commenter and occasional reviewer here, for signing with an agent! We have a lot of aspiring authors hanging out here, and it’s wonderful to see when they hit a milestone like this. It makes the rest of us think, yes, we can do it!

Also, the ubercool Jim Hines has posted the long-awaited results of his Novel Survey, and he has made it worth the wait. Charts and graphs abound! He plans additional posts with more extrapolations (spelled right on second try) in the days (weeks?) ahead.

Don’t forget I have a contest going! The giveaway for the copy of Spellwright by Blake Charlton (always have to double-check the spelling on his last name) is open until Sunday. I’ll post the winner on Sunday afternoon sometime. Don’t enter the giveaway here. Enter here.

I’ll stop now before I really do spell something wrong.