Upcoming This Week, Plus some Kudos

I’m back in full blogging mode again this week, after reading a novel, getting most of a Debut Showcase prepped and arranging for an author guest post. So all of that is coming this week, plus I’ll reveal the source of a recent distraction.

I want to send some kudos to Angry Robot Books. They have something called the Robot Army for book bloggers. And I’m a member.  Want proof? Here it is:

I wanted to send them kudos for building a site specifically for the blog reviewer, and for making everything so easy on us. Here (well, not here, but at a secret web address), I can order ARCs, download ebooks, read sample chapters, find author links, get author images, get author bios — it’s wonderful. Right now, I’m digging through their site, author by author, picking out the debuts, so I’m sure to come across something I’ll want to read.

I just finished reading Liane Merciel’s The River Kings’ Road, and I’ll have the review this week. Next, I need to dive right into Angelology byDanielle Trussoni, because it just came out last week. And after that, I’ll be tackling another urban fantasy (can you believe it??) because Shadow Blade by Seressia Glass looks pretty danged good. And after that, I have a Caleb Fox book called Shadows in the Cave, and after that, I really want to finally read Ken Scholes’s Canticle.

It’s a good thing I like to read!

So don’t forget to stop by tomorrow for a slightly controversial author guest post (which I’m co-hosting with two other blogs), on Tuesday for that Debut Showcase, on Wednesday for my review of The River Kings’ Road and on Thursday for a different kind of review.

2 Thoughts to “Upcoming This Week, Plus some Kudos”

  1. Angry Robots is definitely a publisher I plan to keep my eye on. I recently read Servant of the Underworld, which was quite good. I also plan to buy Walking the Tree when it comes out in the US in a couple months. And I hear Kell’s Legend and Triumff are good as well.

    Hope you find something you like!

  2. I had joining the robot army on my to do list. Now I’m bumping it up to the top for priority! Sounds awesome!

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