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Since nothing’s ready for review, I thought I’d put up a post about what I’m reading now, and have read recently, and what I have going on behind the scenes. I find it helpful to do these kinds of posts every once in a while — it helps keep me organized.

I finished Sonya Bateman‘s Master of None, but it doesn’t come out until the end of March, so I’m going to sit on that review for a while. I’ve been in touch with the author and she’s agreed to a rather nonstandard interview, which I hope will be a lot of fun to read.

I’m halfway through The Manual of Detection by Jedediah Berry. I’m loving it. It just came out in paperback a few weeks ago, so the timing of my reading is better than I thought it would be. I’ve been tweeting on it, but I haven’t put up any tweets in a few days. Look for hashtag #manualofdetection. I’m due a tweet so I’ll do that today.

I’ve also started The King’s River Road by Liane Merciel. It leaps right into the action, and it looks promising, especially since a young mother is involved, and gets to be heroic in a way that only mothers can be.  Shadow Blade, by Seressia Glass, looks promising as well. It puts fallen angels squarely in the enemy camp, where I personally think they belong — but what about this 4000 year old Nubian warrior? The opening chapters are very engaging. This novel is currently available.

Because all this stuff is pending, this blog is somewhat lacking in actual content at the moment — but never fear! Superwench83 has jumped up to the plate with a review of an oldie, which I have scheduled for Thursday. Plus I have a whopper of a Debut Showcase going up on Tusday. What about Monday and Wednesday? You never know! I’ve got a movie review kicking around in my mind. . . .

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  1. The King’s River Road features a young mother? That does sound promising. I do enjoy stories that play up family relationships. {SMILE}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

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