Introducing the Debut Informer

I now have a page where you can let me know about upcoming debuts. I’m always looking to add to my debut calendar, and the first step is to get the debut on my spreadsheet. This version of the form works through Google Docs, so when you fill out the form, you are entering information directly into my Debut Informer spreadsheet.

From there, I’ll put it on the calendar and eventually include it in a Debut Showcase if it meets my requirements. I admit that I am picky about what I showcase. I don’t showcase self-published novels (too many of them; too difficult and time-consuming to vet) and I only showcase a handful of small publishers. When in doubt, go ahead and fill it out.

You can find the Debut Informer form right here, plus I’ve put it on my sidebar, just before the Debuts & Reviews title. (Yes, I still need to get the name of my blog into my header.)

One Thought to “Introducing the Debut Informer”

  1. I spotted it right under the contact link, which is right under “Debuts and Reviews.” I think that’s a good place for it. Folks can spot it without scrolling, which helps. {SMILE}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

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