Happy New Year, everyone!

Among other resolutions, I have decided to go back to blogging on a schedule. Here it is:

Sunday – Upcoming events and chatter
Monday – Review
Tuesday – Debut Showcases
Wednesday – Writer Wednesday or discussion topic
Thursday – Guest, interview, or review
Friday- Off!
Saturday – Off!

This should help me focus. I’m afraid the Discovery Showcases are a casualty of this schedule. I will delete all unposted entries.

I will be writing most of my posts away from the computer so I only have to add images and links when online. And I will probably write them in advance during my time off on the weekend. Plus Superwench and Raven will continue to contribute, along with occasional guests.

I realize there has been something of a lull here recently. We had some lifestyle changes to adjust to. My iPod touch should be a big help.

What about you? Do you do the whole resolution thing?