Threaded Conversation Activated, Plus Stuff

Activating threaded conversations in the comments turned out to be as easy as flipping a switch. At this point, it will thread up to 5 levels deep. I’ll leave it there for now and see if switching it becomes necessary.

The winter cold might be a sinus infection after all. And it’s seriously impeding my Christmas Spirit, not to mention my shopping. I just sent out Christmas cards today. The ones going to family in England and Wales will never get there in time, but they will get there eventually.

But the cold (or whatever the heck it is) has been good for reading! I have five book reviews to write! Well, one’s already written and I’ll post it on Sunday. My Neo makes it easy to write a review while tucked into my Lazy Boy recliner. However, actually posting them is something of a hassle, because then I have to, you know, actually get up.

So why don’t you leave me some cheer-up comments and test out my nested comment feature at the same time? Maybe we can figure out together whether or not I need more than five nesting levels or not.

9 Thoughts to “Threaded Conversation Activated, Plus Stuff”

  1. Tia Nevitt

    Ok, now what the heck happened to my TweetMeme button???

  2. I’ve been on LiveJournal a lot longer than Blogger. On LJ, threading is standard. You’re going to pass five replies; you’re more than busy enough for that. The real question is whether it’s a problem when it tops out. {Smile}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

    1. Tia Nevitt

      Not five replies overall, five nesting levels of replies. For example, your comment was in the first nesting level, and this reply is in the second.

      1. I was thinking of nesting levels, I just didn’t know the term. From what I’ve seen on LJ, there’s no question that you’ll get coversations with six or more replies fairly often. You will The question is whether that will be a problem. {lop-sided smile}

        Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

      2. So the last comment was nesting level three. This one should be, too. If you reply to either, that will be nesting level four, at which point, you’ll only have one more left if the top level is five. {smile}

        Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

        1. Nicely illustrated! It might get deep during a good Writer Wednesday session.

  3. Chicory

    I hope your sinus infection clears up in time for Christmas. Family in England and Wales. Wow, I guess that means when you visit family you get to go overseas. (All my out of state family is in either Wisconsin or PA. The two states are pretty much exactly alike, except Wisconsin is flatter.)

    1. Tia Nevitt

      Uh . . . I haven’t been overseas since I took a business trip to India in 1999. Mostly this means I only see my relatives when they come here. And all my young cousins are surprisingly able to afford expensive summer-long trips to the United States. Repeatedly. My retired aunts and uncles are able to as well. The only relatives I don’t see are the ones my own age. 🙂

      It’s much more economical to book trips from there than it is from here. My parents went over there a few years ago to visit my aunt and uncle, and then they all went on a cruise. It was a lot less expensive than booking the cruise from the states.

      My mother is a native of Ireland. Which means I’m an Irish citizen as well, which is very cool.

  4. Well, there are twelve days of Christmas. Your cards might not make it by the 25th, but they might get there by Epiphany.

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