Coming This Week

This week, Writer Wednesday really is returning, barring any unforeseen events. I hope all you NaNoWriMo survivors will even want to participate after spending the whole month writing. Justin Allen, author of The Slaves of the Shinar and Year of the Horse (which I just received from the publisher) is going to be our guest. The subject is to be announced! Please remember to stop in on Wednesday.

I also have a mystery series review coming up tomorrow, along with a review of one of the books in the series later in the week.

I didn’t do a Debut Showcase last week because of the Thanksgiving holiday, but I will make up for it this week, and announce all the debuts from last week and this. I have already put some of them in the Recent Debuts widget.

And now that NaNoWriMo is over, I will attempt to get hold of the authors who put their stories in the queue for a Discovery Showcase at Fantasy Debut, to see if they are still interested. I also am going to narrow the scope of the Discovery Showcase to self-published novels and free online novels only. I’ve found that this is not a good forum for critiques, therefore I don’t think this has been a very useful platform upon which to test unpublished novels. However, several self-published authors have mentioned that they saw a jump in sales after their showcases appeared here (or, I should say, at Fantasy Debut), so that’s what I’ll focus on. I’ll re-announce the program once I get through some of the backlog.

And that’s what’s coming up! I hope to see you around.