Many authors who blog aren’t really true bloggers. Many authors use their blog as a sort of general announcement page, and that’s fine. But some authors are actual bloggers. Here some author blogs that I follow and regularly get a kick out of.

Jennifer Estep has been blogging all the ins and outs, ups and downs of waiting for her next book series (Elemental Assassin) to come out. Mix it in with her usual book reviews (and she is a voracious reader; I actually invited her to review here but she was too busy) and the occasional recipe, and you have something fresh every day. She has recently expanded her blog to include a lot more writing-related topics. Check her out!

Nineteen Teen – Even though I wasn’t a big fan of Melissa Doyle’s second novel (loved Enchanting Season, and I’m hoping I like her third novel better), she along with her writing cohort, Regina Scott, have an excellent historical blog that focuses on being a teen in the Nineteenth century. That’s why it’s called Nineteen Teen. I love it!

Lisa Shearin is an author who my readers will recognize. I’ve been following her blog since the day she started it. She has one topic: writing. She does occasionally go off-topic to write about her greyhounds, fencing and vacations, but mostly it’s about writing for writers. And she’s done such a good job with her blog that it has landed her a regular column in The Writer magazine. If you are a writer, read her blog.

Peter V. Brett‘s blog is fascinating because he’s a hot new writer on the rise, and because he lives in New York City. Which sometimes seems like a different planet. You never know what to expect – parking difficulties (surprisingly horrible!) office remodeling (video chronicled!) and lots of fan art (people have made and sent him jewelery. More than once. I kid you not). His blog is called Peephole in my Skull.

Jim C. Hines is one of those authors whose books I’ve never read, but whose books I need to read. It seems that every week, I’m following a link to his blog. So I thought I’d better include it here. While I’m writing about it, I’m going to subscribe. There. I’ve subscribed. You should too. He has blogged on all kinds of interesting subjects, much of it writer-focused, but not all.

Laura Benedict has two blogs. Notes from the Handbasket is a friendly, writer-type blog, where she discusses life, writing and the occasional convention. Her other blog is called Wardrobe by Sam and I think it deserves to make it big. The tagline is: “Can a Self-Confessed Clothing Snob Find a Year’s Worth of Fashion Happiness at the World’s Biggest Discount Store?” I love this blog. You have to imagine a beautiful, well-dressed woman. Then imagine her in WalMart clothes. One never knew WalMart (and Sam’s Club) could look so good!