Action-Packed Short Week

Dang, I have so many posts and so few days this week in which to post them! I’m reading like crazy so I can review The Better Part of Darkness by Kelly Gay on its release day, but I also have the author’s guest post, one of Superwench‘s reviews and a debut showcase to post! Due to Thanksgiving, my web traffic from Thursday to Sunday is likely to be low. Therefore, I will adhere to this schedule:

Monday – Kelly Gay’s last post as an Upcoming Debut Author. Not that we’ll never have her again, but after Monday, she’ll be an actual debut author, no longer upcoming. To whet your appetite, check out her earlier posts from Fantasy Debut:

Tuesday – Review of The Better Part of Darkness. In the meantime, to get a taste of what my review might be like, you can read my tweets on The Better Part of Darkness.

Wednesday – Superwench reviews one of her favorite novels of all time — which comes out in paperback this week.

Thursday – Saturday – Blog lite mode. This is when I get chatty and informal. You never know what I might post.

Sunday – Debut Showcases for the last part of November.

Oh, and in early December, in order to welcome back our NaNoWriMo readers, we’re going to have the return of Writer Wednesday! With a guest author! And I will attempt to bring back the Discovery Showcases as well, but a lot of that depends on if I can reach the Discovery Showcase authors who have been waiting, and who may have given up on me by now.

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  1. This does sound like an interesting week. {SMILE}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldiwn

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