Did some beta reading for my critique partner and I’ve consequently ignored this blog because the novel was so un-put-downable! Argh! And I can’t even review it! Not yet, anyway because I believe Kristy has a definite future as a writer.

We are, indeed, going to put off the return of Writer Wednesday until the first week in December.

I did manage to get part of a Book Swag post assembled, but it’s not quite ready yet because of my sheer laziness.  And I have part of a Blogcritics article written, but I won’t finish that for a day or so.

I’ve been reading Canticle by Ken Scholes, and it shows every indication of being as good as the first novel. I’m also reading Spider’s Bite by Jennifer Estep. I’m not a usual urban fantasy fan, but it is turning out to be much more un-put-downable than I expected! I’m trying to restrain myself because the release date is February, but I read it for a good chunk of yesterday, while ignoring more current novels.

Now I’d better get ready for work. Happy Monday!