WordPress Advice Needed

Ok, you know how the title of this page is “Tia Nevitt” up there in the heading? I’d really rather it say “Debuts & Reviews” while on this blog page, and say “Tia Nevitt” on every other page. I would also like it to be a clickable link back to Debuts & Reviews, not back to tianevitt.com. But this appears to be surprisingly difficult.

Some facts: I am using WordPress to power my entire site. The server is set up on a Linux platform. I am comfortable with Linux. I am comfortable wading through just about any type of code. I am comfortable with writing the javascript to handle my alternating names.

What I don’t have is a lot of time to figure out where this code needs to go. I just need someone to point me in the right direction. I would appreciate any advice.


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  1. Hi, unfortunately, I only have experience with wordpress.com, which is very much limited in comparison. Otherwise, I would be able to help, as I like screwing around with things I probably shouldn’t. I did do a search, but your issue is a bit complex and that never lends to easy searching. The best I can tell you, is to go over to the WordPress.org support forums, from what I have seen, they act pretty quickly, so they can help in the meantime, until (and if) someone manages to come up with something useful here. The one thing that I turned up, though it may not be the case and I could be completely missing the mark, is creating a WordPress Page Template–it is something to look into at least.

  2. The reason I’ve stayed on blogspot for so long, despite having a wordpress site for some time now, is because their interface is so bad. And by interface, I mean the ability to code pages and posts to my liking. Sorry to comment-and-yet-be-completely-unhelpful, but even with my EXTENSIVE html knowledge, my only advice is “punt.”

  3. Tia

    Well, WordPress did have lots of things that I wanted, such as the ability to host both the site and the blog using the same tool, but this has been one annoyance I have not been able to get around. I love this theme because it is so flexible, but I can’t believe no one has run into this problem before. I’ve never met a programming problem that I couldn’t solve, but my time is so limited that the choice becomes do I dig through code or write posts?

    Hence my call for someone to point me in the right direction.

    James; thanks for your suggestion. I’ll try that forum this weekend.

  4. Kevin

    Look in the header.php file under your themes folder (normally wp-content/themes/themename). There is a div tag with the id “headerleft” in which you can put the graphic or text that you want to appear there.

  5. Tia

    Thank you Kevin. That’s probably what I am looking for.

  6. Tia, if you can’t sort it out, drop me a note. I’m at World Fantasy at the moment, but I can give you a hand when I get back.

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