Some Public Thank-Yous

Thank you to everyone who added Debuts & Reviews to your blogrolls and feed readers this week. As of today,, my Feedburner subscription was up to 154, over double was at Fantasy Debut, but still not quite half of what my Google Reader subscription count was, which was pushing 400. My Google Friend Connect subscriptions are going up much slower, but I partially blame the system, because there is no easy way to link to your Friend Connect address from outside of your website.

The following blogs posted a special shout-out concerning my blog move, and I’d like to thank them by name:

Daya of The Road not Taken

Kimber An of Enduring Romance

Mihai of Dark Wolf’s Fantasy Reviews

Katie AKA Superwench83 (twice!)

Maria Zannini

And that’s everyone that Google’s BlogSearch caught. Hopefully, I haven’t missed anyone!

2 Thoughts to “Some Public Thank-Yous”

  1. I love your blog! That’s why you’re on my blogroll. I keep company with only the best. 🙂

  2. You’re welcome 🙂

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