What is up with junior size clothing? I went to get some shorts for my daughter a few weekends ago. I wanted a pair of reasonable shorts so the poor thing doesn’t have to wear long pants everywhere. There were two extremes—itty bitty micro-shorts, or capris that go past her knees. And it took hours of shopping to reach this conclusion

It was ridiculous. The micro shorts were designed to sit on a girl’s hip bones and end right past the buttocks.  You have about five inches of material at the hip from top to bottom. Maybe.

My daughter is a study lass without being overweight. At ten years old, she’s almost five feet tall and wears a size nine. Little girl clothing no longer works for her.

I ask you, in a world where we are so concerned with sexual predators, why are we dressing our daughters like this?

When my daughter was born, I had some hopeful optimism that the low-waisted designs then currently in fashion would have passed out of fashion by the time she was in junior clothing. After all, the bowl cut finally went out of fashion for boys after an absurd amount of time. But no, the low-waist designs persisted. And those fashions have gotten more ridiculous. Almost no girl looks good in them. Little girls tend to have poochy tummies, and those tummies are going to stick out over any low-cut pants that aren’t too big. There’s even a new word for them: muffin tops.

When I was in junior sizes, blue jeans were practically like corsets. We had wonderful little hourglass figures. We lay on our beds to zip up our pants. Yes, they were too tight, but at least we were covered. We didn’t wear low-cut shirts. Tucked-in buttondown shirts were in fashion, and only the sluts wore them very low, and even then, not as low as today. The cut of bras available back then didn’t allow for it. Now you have bras that allow for a shirt to be cut all the way down to the bottom of the boobs. And young girls, looking for attention, often wear their shirts that way, and for boys, it’s a boob paradise.

Back to the microshorts—they went up to a size seventeen! They shouldn’t go beyond a size seven. Any size seventeen girl wearing one of these shorts would look awful. I feel sorry for the poor size seventeen girl who has no choice but to either wear these or wear long pants.

So, my daughter now has a fashionable, low-waisted pair of capris pants. I refuse to buy her microshorts. And she’s constantly trying to pull them up. She doesn’t like them. They were twenty bucks.

I went on line and googled “modest clothing”. There are some sites that cater to LDS, Muslim and other religious communities. But none of them carried shorts. There are some cute dresses, though.

I guess what I’m going to have to do is buy her a pair of pants, cut them off a few inches down the thigh, and hem them. Anyone have any other ideas, or know of a good place to get modest clothing?

I need a sewing machine.