And so I pop my head out of oblivion to say hello to you, dear readers.

I am afraid I am over-committed and will remain that way until March. I am now judging books for a writing contest, and I had no idea how many books would be involved. I had to send two books back due to a conflict of interest (I know a lot of authors), but that still leaves six books to read in five weeks. That is quite a bit more time than I usually have allocated for reading.

But I made this commitment and I am determined to keep it. I have finished three books, and am halfway through a fourth.

I did manage to squeeze in an afternoon of writing, during which I undid some changes that I started in December, which had driven me straight into plot inconsistencies and unworkable quandaries. But I didn’t want to undo without a clear direction, so once I thought of my solution, I got a surprising amount of work done.

But other than that, East of Yesterday is languishing until I finish reading these books.

I also had some great ideas for improving my character’s dark secret in Magic By Starlight, but I have no time to work on that right now, so I jotted down some notes in the notebook that I carry with me everywhere, and there they shall keep.

(Just heard some familiar-sounding theme music; sounds like my hubby is playing a Games of Thrones episode. Like I really need that kind of distraction.)

Life has been so busy that I let a bill go past due. Ack. I never let that happen. The bill is in my purse so I can take care of it first thing Monday.

I am also having to squeeze some time in for exercise because my blood pressure is creeping up again. I have cut so much salt out of my diet that I really can’t blame sodium anymore, but I do know that I have gotten very idle during this uncharacteristically cold Florida winter. I can feel it. So I broke out the Wii Fit and did 30 minutes of cardio. I’ll somehow need to shoehorn that in every day because for me, cardio is medically necessary.

Sometime in the next month I need to either move to another web host or renew my WordPress Premium account for another year. I have missed having a self-hosted site, but I will not go to some fly-by-night company that has no hacking protection. I think I found a good host, but I will need to take a day off in order to do the move. I may time that with the day I do my taxes.

And wow–that’s everything that I’ve been up to. I wish I could write about  some of these books that I am judging, but I really can’t, so I won’t.

What’s up with you?