As I write this, the clouds are gathering for another Florida afternoon thundershower. When I was a girl, this was a common thing and we drove our parents crazy all summer long while the five us us were cooped up in the house. My father called it afternoon thundershower season. Those afternoons would last  f o r e v e r.

For the last few years, we didn’t have thundershowers like this one. But now they are back, and back, and back again.

The benefit is they keep the atmosphere cooler. This summer, we have had very few days above 95 degrees. Or at least it seems that way because by the time the late afternoon comes around, it is 85 degrees and the humidity from the thundershower is blowing away. Our grass is the greenest it has ever been. Our shrubs are perfect.

Inside the house, it is dark, and the fans are blowing. we hear a faint rumble from time to time because the heart of the thunderstorm is rarely overhead.

Now that I have the Jeep, I just want to be outdoors. And the weather refuses to cooperate.


I just finished Brandon Sanderson’s The Alloy of Law. I’ll try to review it next week; this week I’ll be taking a few days off so my mom does not have to be alone while she recovers from hip replacement surgery. Fortunately, there are a lot of us, and most of us are able to pitch in a vacation day or two. My turn is at the end of the week.


Writing update! Kind of.

I am currently in thinking mode about how to best rewrite a scene toward the end of Magic by Starlight. It is one of those scenes that I need to remove and replace, while keeping some critical outcomes. In the meantime, I have some other things I could be working on, including East of Yesterday, an Accidental Enchantments story, a Petroleum Sunset story, or one of my backburnered projects. But I confess, I am not.

Instead, I’ve been playing Skyrim.

Bad writer. Bad!

But Skyrim is so fun! My character is 16th level now, and I am now able to fight a dragon without passing the remote over to my husband. I like the idea of being able to earn Thaneships and having houses in every city. (Of course in Morrowind, I had houses in every city as well, but that was because I took over the houses after killing the evil occupant as part of some quest. They closed that loophole in Skyrim.) I’m not so keen on the idea of taking a side in a civil war that my character has no real stake in. So far, I’ve avoided doing so.

But it’s a dreadful time-suck, and I have tried not to let it take up too much of my time. I have not played it today. (But I did watch my husband play.) As soon as I finish this post, I’ll fire up the manuscript and see if I can get in a few hundred words. I promise.

After all, the weather isn’t much good for anything else today.