Hi, everyone.

I have been heads-down in some very intense revisions on Magic by Starlight, and so I seem to be reverting to a once-a-week blog schedule. I love blogging, but demands on my time have been very intense lately, and the time I do have to myself is not entirely to myself, so during the time I have left, I work on my revisions.

Piece of advice: be very careful about brushing off a work you wrote long ago.

The quality of my writing has changed since then. I would rush through scenes, and it wasn’t always clear that I had a goal for such scenes. The discards file is of epic length. And now I am considering converting the entire thing to third person in order to give two male characters a point-of-view. And I know myself. When I am considering doing something like this, I usually end up doing it.

If it weren’t for the fact that I loved this story, and that it had rave reviews by my beta partners, I would be working on East of Yesterday. Heck, I probably should be working on East of Yesterday. But much as I love East of Yesterday, my heart is in fantasy and I would like to find success there first.
This is a fantasy with romantic elements that I am trying to keep light. Most fantasies have romantic subplots, and I think they are enhanced when they do. However, some romantic elements are barely there, and some are more romance than fantasy. It depends on whether you would characterize the romantic plot as on equal billing or greater as the main plot.

For Magic by Starlight, I would characterize it as the prominent subplot, but it is definitely not on equal billing as the main plot. I am reading a romance right now in order to figure out where my story stands, and I definitely do not have my characters practically buzz and thrum in each other’s presences, so I think I am safely in the romantic elements category. 🙂

With that, I’d better get ready to go to work. I have two reviews I am working on, and when I get a good draft of my query together, I’ll post it for your feedback. So I have a few posts brewing, but they are on a low simmer.

What have you been up to? Got anything exciting going on?