Sorry for the unplanned hiatus. The last few weekends were VERY busy and I do most of my blog writing on the weekend.

I do have plans for this week! On Thursday I have an interview of an author of a book that I reviewed here recently–one of the books I loved. I have not done an interview in a long time and I am excited to have her.

I also just finished another infographic! I enjoy putting those together and I’m thinking of writing a series of blog posts based on this latest infographic. I’ll try to get that posted on Tuesday.

I have also been VERY busy with writing. I finished revising my 82,000 word Austenpunk urban fantasy, which I finally named Magic by Starlight. I love that title, and I love my changes. It’s amazing how much I ripped up things that I thought were quite good back when I wrote it the first time. We’re talking scenes that I loved. When I read them this time? Not so much love there.

Soon, I hope to be able to take it through my Manuscript Clean-Up Process. Oh look! Another potential infographic!