Aaaaah. Do you hear that contented sound? That’s the sound of my blood pressure going down as I move out of my ill-advised, high-stress, time-demanding management position back to requirements analysis where I belong. Even though it is a lead position, it should mean less working late, more job satisfaction and fewer contentious meetings. I learned a whole bunch though, and I think what I learned will be very valuable to my new manager.

Wish me luck!


Idea: I am thinking of doing debuts again. I’ve always missed it, but I was not able to do it by myself even when this blog was called Debuts & Reviews.

Therefore, I’m thinking of rebirthing in my old D&R Facebook page and bring in a few admins. Maybe Katie, Deb and Raven will even want to rejoin me there. Maybe some other would-be admins will join us. What do you think? Would having it on Facebook be too restrictive? Ideas welcome.


Harlequin rocks! It has always bothered me that the audiobook for The Sevenfold Spell was over 15 dollars. The price was too prohibitive, I always thought. But even when Audible brought the price down to 4.95, Amazon kept it at almost three times that.

When The audiobook of The Magic Mirror and the Seventh Dwarf, I emailed Stephanie D at Harlequin and asked what could be done about Sevenfold. She brought it up with Amazon and guess what the price is now? 4.95! Yay!


I had so much fun making the MineCraft farmhouse video for The Magic Mirror and the Seventh Dwarf that I asked my family to help me construct Tallow’s End, the neighborhood that Talia lives in in The Sevenfold Spell. They jumped right in and we have been all three of us geeking out, reconstructing a MineCraft neighborhood that might look something like these:

Search results for ‘medieval street’

It may not get a lot of views, but we’re having fun anyway. Here’s the Magic Mirror video:


Tomorrow, I’ll be at Jennifer Estep’s blog, where she has interviewed me, and where I am hosting this week’s giveaway. Join me there bright and early!