I am sure people have writer’s block for various reasons. Physical exhaustion, idea mill broken, lack of interest in own story; etc. All of these have either stopped me, or at least slowed me down. But for me, by far the biggest reason I get writer’s block is when the story is starting to ring false.

Sometime, when I am writing, I suddenly stop when I realize a character will not do what I expected. But darn it–when they do that they disrupt my whole story. I fight them, and try to make them act according to my (always sketchy) plot.

And then the muse falls silent.

Well, I was writing along quite nicely a few weeks ago, when I realized that my main character is not going to fall in love as planned and scheduled. She fell in love with my other lead guy. I brushed it off, and tried to continue. But I didn’t try very hard because I knew it was pointless. I decided to take a short break from the story. So I worked on a different story and finished it up. I read a long epic fantasy. But I kept thinking of this story and another one, where something similar happened.

Most of the time, my characters adore each other as much as I thought they would. This happened with Gretchen and Lars in The Magic Mirror and the Seventh Dwarf, and I had zero problem with Talia and Willard in The Sevenfold Spell. But others require more work. I’ve now figured out the new plots for both stories. One is a fairy tale novella that I just started, and the other is my time travel novel, which I have been halfway through for an entire year.

Now I need to decide which one to work on first. Probably the novella, because it should be quicker to finish. Hopefully I can write it in a month or two, let it sit for two weeks, then do some revisions, get beta reads, do more revisions and send it off by the end of spring.