When a bunch of you say you want to read a book I reviewed, I always wish i could have a followup discussion. I decided, why not? Therefore, I am hereby unveiling a new feature:

Did You Read it?

It’s is a book clubby post in which we gush or complain about books we have mostly all read. On my Sunday chat post, I’ll propose a couple of previously reviewed books. I will only select books that generated positive interest. You pick the book you want to discuss. I will break any tie. I will put up the discussion post on Friday morning, and we can chat all weekend if we want.

At least at first, I may have to delve I back to long ago posts for material. But I should soon catch up.

And as much as I’d love to start right away, I’ll wait till the new year before proposing the first book.
What do you think? Sound fun?