Site Updates

I have a book review prepped for tomorrow for Furies of Calderon by Jim Butcher. I am going to *try* to resume weekly book reviews. I have some other regular features I want to introduce as well, one of which I detail below.

I have been doing a lot of site maintenance and clean-up, and I created a new header image. I may tweak the color of the gradient. Feedback welcome.


Thanks to …

Many thanks to Jennifer Estep and Rabia Gale, who invited me to guest post on their blogs for my upcoming release. I am looking to fill out a blog tour of at least one week, starting on President’s Day. I have flagged that week for vacation at work. My day job will not make a blog tour any longer than that feasible, so I also want to plan out some Friday or weekend posts for another month or two after that.

The official release date is February 18th.


And Now, a Rant

I have been pining for a wonder-filled fantasy again. I am beginning to think the genre is dead. All we get is endless grit, grit, grit. I first wrote about this four years ago:

I think all novels need that sense of wonder, even ones that are gritty, dark and snarky. After all, Arthur C. Clarke managed it with hard science fiction.

If you are an author or aspire to be one, does your novel have an unforgettable “oh, wow!” moment? Will I be able to remember, twenty years later, the exact moment when the characters met the point of wonder? The grit and dark and snark might be diverting and popular at the moment, but will it all blend into the rest of the grit and dark and snark as I read other novels? Will I remember your novel as that one, or will I say, “Oh, yeah. I read that novel. What was it about?”

Will I purchase multiple editions of your book? Or will I eventually give it away?

… Give me a bit of wonder, and I’ll remember your novel forever.

We still seem to be in this grind of endless grit. And YA novels have gotten that way as well. That may be why I have been gravitating toward fantasy romance recently.


Community Interviews

I have removed the Review Policy page from this site. I don’t accept review copies at all, and it was giving a false impression. That said, I want to step up my guest postings, and I want to start with longtime readers.

I try to keep my blogroll of longtime readers and author buddies current, but if you would like to be added, please pop a comment on this post. I will start inviting people on this list to interviews starting as soon as I get the interview questions written. Let me know if you are interested.