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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Author Book Promotion

What I’m reading: still the same as the last post. I just have not had much time to read of late.

So the whole book promotion thing is coming back around for THE MAGIC MIRROR AND THE SEVENTH DWARF. I just put in an order for 500 bookmarks, and I expect them on the 30th. I would love to send you guys a handful each for you to pass out among your friends. Or to keep for yourselves. Whichever you want.

What else am I going to do? If you have a blog, I’d love to be a guest, or send you a review copy. I know Harlequin will do some things, so I will be coordinating with them when my turn comes. If you’re on NetGalley, you’ll be able to grab a copy starting in January.

I’ll also carry around bookmarks so I can give them to people at the slightest provocation. Oh, wait. I already do that. So now I’ll have two sets to carry around. They don’t add much weight to my purse.

But really, I have become convinced that the best promotion is to get another book out there. So I will spend about a month doing the above activities, and then it will be nose down, churning out the next book. I am 10000 words away from completing my prehistoric fantasy romance, and the rough draft may even be complete before Magic Mirror comes out. I am also well into my Beauty and the Beast fairy tale. And I have several other projects, including two completed novels that I have not given up on.

Now if only life could quit throwing me curves!

Got any suggestions for me?

(Don’t forget to drop a note in the comments or to me at tia @ tianevitt dot com if I can send you some bookmarks.)

Group Blog Post With Excerpt

My post today is over at Here Be Magic, a group blog of which I am a member. In the post, I include an excerpt that I wonder the wisdom of including, because it’s one of my favorite parts of the story. But I’ve gone and done it anyway–and I hope you enjoy it!

By the way, you should subscribe to that blog because these are a special and lovely group of authors, of which I am grateful to be a part!

Social Networking and Me

What I’m reading: Stellarnet Rebel by J. L. Hilton and Furies of Calderon by Jim Butcher

For many years, I thought it would be so cool to have an online place where you could invite your friends and hang out and relax. Kind of like in Tad William’s Otherland. Now that these places exist (kinda), I find myself struggling with them. Here are some social networking sites and why they did or did not work for me.

Twitter. I like this because it is easy. Very little to set up. Follow a few people and they usually follow you back. It is like a stream of chat going by you, and you can participate as much or as little as you like. Works for me.

Goodreads. In my opinion, Goodreads has emerged as the best library social networking site. It is author friendly and reader friendly. I am fairly active there, in that I check it almost daily. Once a month or so I’ll update my shelves. Drawbacks: I find the groups clunky.

I have token accounts at LibraryThing and Shelfari and one other site, but I rarely visit.

Facebook Pages, Profiles and Groups. For me, Facebook is a mixed bag. I find it too cluttered with options. It is suffering from the same growing pangs that MySpace had until it imploded.

Pages have not worked for me at all. With a page, everything is one-sided. You can’t “friend” anyone; you can only pester people you already know to “Like” your page. They deliberately make it difficult to attract people or to even be visible unless you buy ads. And I am not at all sure it would be worth the money.

After months of neglecting my profile in a fruitless attempt to get the page to work for me, I have decided to use the page for major announcements only and concentrate on my profile. Yes I know, I can only have 5000 friends. I am not anywhere near that threshold. Besides, maybe those first 5000 friends can become my secret cabal of founding fans. Or something like that.

The benefit of a profile is even once I am beyond 5000 friends, I can still have subscribers. But most important, I can create groups of people who aren’t necessarily in my friend list. I am experimenting with groups now, and I think it is the most promising thing I have found about Facebook so far.

Google+. I think this is a fail on the part of Google. It seems to be a great way for people to spam me. I never look at it.

Pinterest. I joined Pinterest because I was hoping to be able to share research sites there, but I have found that it does not work anything like I expected. Apparently it is for photos only. I don’t spend a lot of time surfing photos unless I am doing a Cover Art Sheet, so my Pinterest account is neglected. I may have even deleted it.

I heard that del.ic.ious (or however they break it up) might be more suitable for my research sharing idea, but I still need to look into it.

Blogging. As you probably guessed, blogging has worked best for me. Blogs are clubby but welcoming, and anyone can come by and take a peek without signing up for anything.

You can check out all my social networking links here.

Which is your favorite social networking site? Know of any new ones the rest of us may not have heard of yet?

Random Thoughts and Updates

What I’m reading – Stellarnet Rebel by J. L. Hilton, and I just finished Toll-Gate by Georgette Heyer. Meh.

I received the final copy of The Magic Mirror and the Seventh Dwarf, so I promptly posted an excerpt! The book page is here, and has all the info that I know so far about it. It has a link to the excerpt as well. Feel free to leave a comment.

The last time I did this, I was still running Debuts & Reviews, so now when I make my new bookmarks, I will order a new batch of business cards as well, and finally replace those old D&R cards. Please send me your addresses so I can mail you some (tia at tianevitt dot com). I always send enough so you can pass them out. I also have some postcards with a coupon code that is good at Carina Press.


I have a book here that is highly recommended by my sister. It is by Jim Butcher and is called Furies of Calderon. She loves the series so much she has read it multiple times. The only reason I have not started it yet is because it features a 15 year old boy. Sigh. Years ago, I reflected that I was tired of coming-of-age fantasies, and I guess that has not changed. Has any of you read it?


I fired up my Nook today after not touching it for months. It was still almost fully charged! I want to give it to my daughter. But a while back I hacked it, and so before I give it to her I want to hack it back. NookDevs–the place where I got the instructions to hack it–had been offline for a while, but now it’s back.

Drawback–I purchased the Millennium Trilogy in Nook format and I never finished reading the last two books. I got them from Diesel Ebooks, so I might be able to download it in a different format. If not, I guess it will be time to experiment with converting one format to another. Which might require me to hack the DRM…


Speaking of DRM, did you know that many publishers are now selling DRM-free books? Tor has removed DRM, and Carina has never encumbered their books with DRM. It is a growing trend.


Up this week is Not Much. My employer is hosting a convention, and I’ll be there for the next three days. Thankfully, it is in town, but those days are still likely to be exhilarating but exhausting. Time to load up on the vitamins!

What’s up with you?

Guest Post – Science Fiction Author J. L. Hilton

I’ve been reading J. L. Hilton’s Stellernet lately. Since the second book just came out, I thought I’d ask her for a guest post. I’m hoping to get back into more guest posts in the next few months, so look for more of these. She has a blog tour going on at

She also has some contests going on if you want to get in on them. Just click the Rafflecopter link.

A “r’naw eye” necklace giveaway through Nov 30:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Nov 4-11 giveaway of digital copies of both Stellarnet books:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

J.L. Hilton on love triangles

I’ve avoided talking about this for more than a year, because it’s a spoiler. But Stellarnet Rebel [ ] has been out since January, and the upcoming sequel Stellarnet Prince certainly gives it away, right there on its Amazon page [ ]: Human blogger Genny O’Riordan shares two alien lovers.

Genny is soul bound to Duin, who is fighting for the liberation of his people, and married to Belloc, who is fighting for his identity. They don’t carry on like cats or bunnies – it’s not an erotic series. In fact, many readers and reviewers say it’s not “romance” at all but science fiction “with romantic elements” because the series is also about action, adventure, planetary war, ecological devastation, first contact, video games and lots of other things. Their relationship might be unconventional for us, but Duin and Belloc aren’t human, they’re alien. They’re not going to be exactly like us, physically or culturally. Their world is dangerous, and exclusive pairing would impact their species’ survival.

But it’s time for me to admit that the real reason they’re in a polyamorous relationship is because I’ve had a lifelong frustration with the 1967 movie Camelot. I can’t remember exactly when I saw it for the first time. Maybe around age 8, when I also developed an interest in Shakespeare because of my mother’s 33rpm record with excerpts from Franco Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet.

Throughout my childhood, teen and college years, I watched the movie more times than I can count, deeply moved by King Arthur’s heartfelt – entirely surprising and otherwise unrepresented in mainstream media – attitude toward his wife sleeping with his best friend. Portrayed by Richard Harris, he says: “Could it possibly be civilized to destroy what I love? Could it possibly be civilized to love myself above all? What of their pain and their torment? Did they ask for this calamity? Can passion be selected?”

It broke my heart that his beautiful kingdom had to fall to ruin simply because society wouldn’t accept what he himself accepted.

In interviews, when I’m asked about inspirations for the Stellarnet Series, I’ve answered – honestly – that I can pinpoint several influences: V for Vendetta, Beauty and the Beast, Les Miserables, Babylon 5, North and South. The one I’ve failed to mention is Camelot, because it was totally off my radar when I started writing my first book in 2009.

Just a few weeks ago, I watched it with my daughter. It was my first viewing in over twelve years. Duin bears an uncanny resemblance to Richard Harris bouncing about and pontificating, Belloc also comes from a far-off lake and can’t be defeated in battle, and “Genny” is what they call Guinevere throughout the movie. Only then did I realize how something buried in my subconscious had entered, unawares, into my writing. The relationship between Duin, Genny and Belloc was my attempt to resolve a lifelong and long forgotten heartache, in cyberpunk clothing rather than medieval armor. I wanted to give Arthur, Guinevere and Lancelot a happily ever after, together.

Have you ever been heartbroken by a fictional romance that didn’t turn out as you wished? Do you find love triangles to be exciting or frustrating? Who are some of your favorite love triangles?

J.L. Hilton is the author of the Stellarnet Series published by Carina Press, including Stellarnet Rebel (January 2012) and Stellarnet Prince (November 2012), and a regular contributor to the Contact-Infinite Futures SF/SFR blog. Her artwork is featured in the books Steampunk Style Jewelry and 1000 Steampunk Creations. Visit her at or follow her on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and deviantART.

On Frequent Commentators and Lurkers

What I’m reading: Stellarnet Rebel by J. L. Hilton (cyberpunk), The Toll-Gate by Georgette Heyer (Regency mystery romance)

(New feature! I decided to prefix all my posts with a line or two about “what I’m reading.” Help me remember this.)

Don’t worry! I’m not going to beat up on lurkers. I love lurkers. Before I decided to start blogging, I was a lurker, myself. Most frequently, I lurked on Kimber An’s blog. I admired her chutzpah. And now, she lurks around here, I think.

Anyway, I never commented. Ever. So I’ve been there. I’m not here to make you delurk. A loyal readership is always going to consist of those who comment and those who don’t, and those who don’t always vastly outnumber those who do, by a factor of 10 to 2, I think I read once.

I am here to express my appreciation. For all you readers who have stuck with me.

It’s been a rough couple of years since I published The Sevenfold Spell. Many of you started reading my blog when I was writing Debuts & Reviews — or even Fantasy Debut —  and yet you’re still here even though I changed my blog focus. I have vanished for weeks on end, and you’re still here.

I try to show my appreciation in small ways. Those of you who keep commenting will eventually find yourselves on my “Longtime Readers” or “Author Buddies” blogroll. I just added Savannah Chase. Some people, like Chicory, I can’t add because they don’t ever link to a blog or a site. (I will be delighted to add her if she ever sends me a link.) When you leave a comment with a link, I try to jump over there and read it.

But I don’t know what to do for the rest of you except to keep writing more of the same. I thought about putting up post reaction so you could vote, but that just seemed like looking for attention. If you have any ideas, or would like to guest post (“Lurker deLurked!”) or just want to say hi, I am always an email away at tia dot nevitt at gmail dot com.

Anyway, thanks everyone!

Cover Reveal! The Magic Mirror and the Seventh Dwarf

Presenting the cover of my next story, The Magic Mirror and the Seventh Dwarf:

To say I am thrilled with this cover is an understatement. I am humbled by it. I think it is amazing. I will be submitting it for awards. I love that they were able to get both Prince Richard and Gretchen on the cover. I love that they put his face in the magic mirror. I love that they made Gretchen so dreamy looking. It is fabulous. Don’t you agree?